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Here’s How to Know When You Need to Hire a Foreclosure Lawyer

Are you foreclosing your home and not sure if you need legal help? Click here to learn how to know when you need to hire a foreclosure lawyer. If you think back to the economic crash, you might remember that it seemed like everyone was in foreclosure. Federal data showed […]

Bankruptcy Basics: Common Questions Surrounding Chapter 7 Discharge

If you’re thinking about filing for a Chapter 7 discharge, you need to educate yourself. Check out these common questions regarding Chapter 7 and their answers. No one’s bucket list includes filing for bankruptcy. It’s a jarring experience that can cause feelings of doubt, failure, and remorse. However, in some […]

Protect Your Business: Understanding the Four Types of Breach of Contract

Understanding the Four Types of Breach of Contract In order to protect your business, you need to know when a contract has been broken. Learn the four types of breach of contract that exist. There are very few more infuriating and dangerous moments in business than when a breach of contract occurs. Even […]

Understanding a Deficiency Judgment: What Can Happen After a Foreclosure

Understanding a Deficiency Judgment This guide explores the basics of a deficiency judgment, which can occur after a home or other property foreclosure. Going through a foreclosure can be a painful time, but foreclosing on a home or property may not be the end. There is one potential issue at the […]