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Why Short Sales and Modifications Take So Long — and What to Do About It

For people looking to buy distressed property, it is a lot faster and easier to buy a foreclosure than a short sale because the bank has already taken back the property and wiped out the liens

New Fannie Mae Rental Program Will Let Thousands Rent Out Homes To Avoid Foreclosure

The new “Deed for Lease” program will allow homeowners to transfer title to Fannie Mae and sign a one-year lease, with potential month-to-month extensions after that

Guidelines for Section 8 Landlords

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (sometimes referred to as “Section 8”) is the largest federal low-income housing assistance program. Families are awarded vouchers to help pay the cost of renting housing on the open market.

Edward Pinto: The Government’s Loan Modification Numbers Are A Total Sham

HAMP is rapidly becoming: I will pretend to modify your loan if you pretend that you will make the payments.