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What is the Minimum Debt Required for Bankruptcy?

There is no minimum debt required to file for bankruptcy.  Since bankruptcy is a consumer protection program, designed to protect all consumers, the amount of debt required to file for bankruptcy is relative to a person’s ability to pay their debts, or relative to the consumer.  Folks have successfully filed for […]

Save Your Home with Loan Modification

While it may not be the answer for everyone, loan modification offers a very real alternative to foreclosure and bankruptcy, assuming it is done properly. A loan modification is a process of changing one or more original mortgage terms in a manner that both parties can agree upon.  This is […]

How to Recover from a Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a funny thing.  While it is true that a bankruptcy can negatively impact a person’s credit score in a very bad way, the process of bankruptcy recovery is something that starts as soon as the bankruptcy process is officially over.  In theory, a person can begin the process […]

What Are Some Benefits of a Short Sale?

A short sale is a real estate term that describes a home owner being approved by their lender to sell a property for less than the amount owed on the original loan. In most cases, the lender that agrees to the short sale will agree to forgive the remaining debt. […]