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Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

This is one of my favorite topics because this is really our niche. We love foreclosure defense cases and I’ll tell you why. Foreclosure is a very technical and a very regulation driven process. There are a lot of rules and regulations that apply to how a foreclosure in California […]

Loan Modification Programs

This is a question we get asked all the time. Clients want to know what loan modification programs are available for them to apply to and to get approved for. It’s a tough question. I’m going to categorize them into 2 main categories for you. The first is government related […]

How To Stop A Foreclosure In California?

I’m in my office today and this is a subject that comes up a lot. Families and individuals calling our office with a foreclosure wanting to know how to stop it. There are 3 primary or reliable ways to stop a foreclosure in California. There are probably a lot more […]

How To Buy A Foreclosure Property?

Potential buyers call our office wanting to get in on a discounted price on a foreclosure home. Something where the borrower has decided to let it go, decided to let it go to foreclosure and the foreclosure trustee is going to conduct the sale and auction the property off to […]