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Category: Small Business

Score a Winner with Your Super Bowl Party

Like football players, not all Super Bowl parties are made equal. Most are decent-to-good affairs that fill the requisite food, drink, and activity quotas, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But only a few parties, like Peyton Manning, make history and a lasting impression on the minds of all guests. […]

California Board of Equalization Drops Tight Security Deposit Requirements for Small Businesses

Small businesses in California generally find it very difficult to fare well due to high taxes and strict regulations. The state holds a reputation of being one of the worst in the country in regards to starting a business. However, a decision made on December 17 by the Board of […]

Business Bankruptcy in California | Small Business Bankruptcy Attorney

There are many different situations which can lead to a business bankruptcy filing including a reduction in revenues, loss of customer base, increased competition and increased business costs.  Small business owners know all too well that a slight disruption in revenues can have major ramifications if not managed carefully.  Of […]

How To Start Off Your Small Business In California On The Right Foot

Starting your small business is definitely an exciting and fulfilling experience. However, many young entrepreneurs jump in head first without getting familiarized with all the legal aspects of what starting a business venture entails. By doing so, they set themselves and their business up for unnecessary legal issues and pitfalls […]