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Category: Mortgage Litigation

What Is The Process Of Buying A Home From A Land Bank?

It is likely that you will find excellent deals in property purchases if you live in a county or a city that has higher rates of home abandonment. In cities where home abandonments and foreclosures have become an important issue for the government to deal with, the government usually acquires […]

Applying for a Mortgage after a Foreclosure

Facing a foreclosure can have a negative impact on your credit. For many, a foreclosure may affect their credit and financing options. It can prove challenging to obtain a loan. During the first two years after a foreclosure, it may be difficult to get a car loan or credit card […]

Understanding Mortgage Disputes and Deed of Trust Litigation

All homeowners need to know the difference between a mortgage and a deed of trust. They are related, but their differences will become apparent if you are ever involved in a mortgage dispute. A mortgage is essentially the promise from the homeowner to pay money used to buy a home […]

The Difficulties of Mortgage Litigation

There are few experiences as stressful and life altering as having your home taken away. If you are one of the many Orange County families who are at risk of losing their home, it is important that you learn about your legal options. It is possible that you simply fell […]