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Category: Foreclosure

Top 4 Common Mistakes Made During Home Foreclosures

Don’t let a bad situation spiral out of hand! Learn how to avoid these very common mistakes made during home foreclosures. Nobody goes into the process of buying a home thinking that they won’t be able to pay the bills. Jobs come and go, financial issues arise, and life gets […]

Real Estate Law 101: 3 Essential Facts You Need to Know

Want to learn more about real estate law? Start your journey into real estate law by learning these essential basic facts. Buying and selling your home involves huge sums of money. If you don’t do things by the book, you could end up losing a small fortune, or maybe even […]

Here’s How to Know When You Need to Hire a Foreclosure Lawyer

Are you foreclosing your home and not sure if you need legal help? Click here to learn how to know when you need to hire a foreclosure lawyer. If you think back to the economic crash, you might remember that it seemed like everyone was in foreclosure. Federal data showed […]

Understanding a Deficiency Judgment: What Can Happen After a Foreclosure

Understanding a Deficiency Judgment This guide explores the basics of a deficiency judgment, which can occur after a home or other property foreclosure. Going through a foreclosure can be a painful time, but foreclosing on a home or property may not be the end.┬áThere is one potential issue at the […]