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Category: Estate Planning

Debts of Deceased Orange County Relatives

The death of a loved one is an emotionally difficult experience. As family members grieve and struggle to accept their loss and move on, the last thing they need is to be pestered by unscrupulous debt collectors. Most Americans owe a certain amount of debt. While many people pay off […]

Estate Planning Q & A

If you have not created a will or trust, you are not alone. Many Orange County residents have not participated in any meaningful estate planning. This can prove problematic if you become incapacitated because of a serious injury or illness. Without estate planning, your assets could end up under court […]

Estate Planning: Probate Explained

When an individual has passed and left valuable assets to those designated in his or her will, the distribution of assets to their rightful inheritors usually cannot be executed until the probate process has been completed.

Tax Planning & Estate Planning: What Happened To The Fiscal Cliff?

After hearing about the drama surrounding the expected fiscal cliff, we thought we’d check back in and share an update with you related to tax planning and estate planning. The highly anticipated deadline of January 1, 2013 came and went. We did go over the cliff—for about a day and […]