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Category: Budget & Debts

No Dice for Major Las Vegas Gaming Company

The Riviera Holdings Corporation has recently filed for bankruptcy protection. A pre-negotiated deal will pass on ownership of the company to senior, secured lenders. Riviera Holdings is the owner of the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on its infamous Strip. Just about five years ago, the company had […]

Hugh Hefner Wants More

In light of internet porn and a major decline in all magazine sales across the board, Hugh Hefner is still looking to purchase the part of Playboy he, himself, doesn’t already own. Hefner is convinced Playboy can still turn profit despite the famous magazine’s drop in sales. According to Playboy, […]

CA Dem Rep. Clear of Any Wrongdoing

The House ethics committee recently ended a seven-month long investigation where the focus of the investigation was California Democratic Representative Laura Richardson; to find out if she ever received “special” treatment from WaMu, and/or was remiss in disclosing any properties, incomes as well as liabilities on her disclosure forms. The […]

Banks Ease Hold on Properties

According to real estate insiders, institutions and organizations lending capital to real estate investors are beginning to lighten their grip on properties, thus, putting more real estate out there. Presently, the multifamily real estate arena is in strong demand; more banks are looking to rid of properties from their records. […]