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Category: Budget & Debts

Goldman Sachs Under Intense Criminal Investigation

The Justice Department, only two days after Goldman Sachs’ executives were grilled and humiliated by lawmakers, has launched a full-on, criminal investigation of Goldman Sachs’ mortgage securities deals. This action follows on the heels of civil fraud charges against GS, which were filed by the government roughly two weeks ago. […]

Consumers: Fight Illegal Collection Attempts

Many times the tactics used by debt collectors can be considered harassment, but few debtors are aware of the rules or how they can respond to illegal debt collection practices. Collection agencies make their money by purchasing debt for pennies on the dollar and attempting to collect the full amount […]

Stop Bill Collector Phone Calls

Bill collectors are trained at getting you to hand over your money, even when you don’t have anything else to hand over.  They will try any tactic they can think of to get you to make any sort of payment, even after you have just explained to them your financial […]

Starting a Small Business

Starting a business can be a very rewarding venture, but it can also be very risky.  A person accepts certain risks when starting a small business, and one of those risks is legal liability.  A future small business owner would benefit greatly from talking with an experienced business attorney who […]