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Category: Bankruptcy

Understanding a Deficiency Judgment: What Can Happen After a Foreclosure

Understanding a Deficiency Judgment This guide explores the basics of a deficiency judgment, which can occur after a home or other property foreclosure. Going through a foreclosure can be a painful time, but foreclosing on a home or property may not be the end. There is one potential issue at the […]

5 Brilliant Tips on How to Survive Bankruptcy You Need to Know

No one wants to file for bankruptcy. But the financial relief may be worth it. Discover five smart tips to survive bankruptcy and move on with your life Have you ever heard the phrase debt is money? How is it that the ultra-rich, like President Trump, have filed for bankruptcy […]

Bankruptcy Timeline: How Long Will Filing For Bankruptcy Affect You?

Are you filing for bankruptcy but don’t know what to expect in the future? Don’t panic, read on to learn how long filing for bankruptcy will affect you. Almost 800,000 people and businesses filed for bankruptcy protection in 2016. Most of those people will tell you that they felt alone, […]

Is Bankruptcy Right for Me? A Guide to the Good and Bad of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a deeply personal choice for someone to make. And, while it may seem like the end of the world, it can be the best choice for you. But, how bad is bankruptcy? Do you know the positives and negatives? Is bankruptcy worth it? If you have asked yourself “Is […]