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Category: Bankruptcy

5 Crazy Myths About Bankruptcy Busted

What Does Bankruptcy Cover? Most people tend to peddle falsehoods about the issue of bankruptcy. Here are the real facts as explained by a bankruptcy attorney. Filing for bankruptcy sounds scary. And, for many people, it can feel like a failure. But, if you’re thinking of filing, don’t beat yourself up! There are […]

How Many Times Can You File for Bankruptcy in California?

How many times can you file for bankruptcy in California? While it’s not uncommon to file multiple times, there are some limits. Explore the options here. How many times can you file for bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a financial tool available to everyone in their time of greatest need. And it […]

Can My Bankruptcy Discharge Be Revoked?

If you’re eliminating debt through bankruptcy, understand the guidelines and when court can make the decision to revoke your bankruptcy discharge. When you file for bankruptcy, you can also apply for a bankruptcy discharge, which releases you from liability for certain debts. A discharge offers debtors a huge relief because […]

Bankruptcy and Student Loans: Can They Be Discharged?

Whether you’re filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13, explore bankruptcy and student loans and the only exception when they can be discharged. California students face a collective student loan debt of $131.2 billion. That averages $34,681 per borrower. For many, this is a financial inconvenience as they start their […]