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Author: Tim McFarlin

Bankruptcy Basics: Common Questions Surrounding Chapter 7 Discharge

If you’re thinking about filing for a Chapter 7 discharge, you need to educate yourself. Check out these common questions regarding Chapter 7 and their answers. No one’s bucket list includes filing for bankruptcy. It’s a jarring experience that can cause feelings of doubt, failure, and remorse. However, in some […]

Protect Your Business: Understanding the Four Types of Breach of Contract

Understanding the Four Types of Breach of Contract In order to protect your business, you need to know when a contract has been broken. Learn the four types of breach of contract that exist. There are very few more infuriating and dangerous moments in business than when a breach of contract occurs. Even […]

Understanding a Deficiency Judgment: What Can Happen After a Foreclosure

Understanding a Deficiency Judgment This guide explores the basics of a deficiency judgment, which can occur after a home or other property foreclosure. Going through a foreclosure can be a painful time, but foreclosing on a home or property may not be the end. There is one potential issue at the […]

How Does Foreclosure Affect Your Credit?

How does foreclosure affect your credit? Often, there are many consequences of foreclosure including a negative impact on your credit score. Whether we like it or not, our credit score can affect our ability to do certain things in our lives. While those with good credit won’t have a problem […]