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Southern California Foreclosures On The Rise

The housing price bubble collapse of 2006 put many homeowners in jeopardy of losing their homes and spawned the Great Recession. After a few dormant years the nation’s economy began to recover and, at this time, is fairly healthy. That’s why a recent article on is so surprising. RealtyTrac, […]

RadioShack’s Complicated Bankruptcy

As a business owner, you deal with risk every day. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than 50 percent of small businesses survive past the four year mark, and only 65 percent last for two years. If your business is a restaurant, chances are you won’t even last […]

How to Avoid Zombie Foreclosures

Due to rising housing prices in the real estate market, zombie foreclosure are increasing in Los Angeles. It’s also happening in other major cities with low foreclosure rates, like Houston and Boston.

Too Much, Too Fast, Too Soon

We’ve all heard the story: talented young athlete or entertainer quickly makes millions of dollars and loses it just as fast. In some ways it’s understandable. Many people who get famous fast come from humble beginnings where money is tight, and then suddenly have more than they ever dreamed of. […]