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Tips to Avoid Predatory Home Loans In Orange County

It is a common misconception that predatory lending practices ended after the housing market crash. The truth is that buying and refinancing an Orange County home is still a complex and potentially hazardous ordeal. There are lenders out there who take advantage of homeowners. Failing to know how to avoid […]

Orange County Loan Modification FAQs

We may be a decade out from the housing market crash of 2006, but there are still many Orange County homeowners who are at risk of losing their homes. If you have fallen behind on payments or are in danger of missing payments, it is crucial that you act quickly. […]

Increasing Costs Could Drive People From Orange County

Many are worried that the rising cost of living in Orange County will force out current residents and deter people from moving here. Orange County is a much-sought-after real estate market, which is good news for current homeowners who can easily make their payments. But, it could spell disaster for […]

California Realtors Fight Back Against Mortgage Tax

The final version of the House Resolution Bill 22, known as the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2015, does not include the mortgage tax that was in the Senate’s version of the bill. The bill President Obama signed into law in December 2015 doesn’t include an extension of […]