Which Debts Can Be Discharged Through Bankruptcy?

If you are facing overwhelming debt, bankruptcy can be a powerful tool to help you recover financial freedom. Bankruptcy can help you put an end to most collection actions, such as creditor harassment, wage garnishments, lawsuits, and more. It can also help you eliminate most of your debt within months. However, bankruptcy can only help you eliminate a specific type of debt.

Which Debt Can Bankruptcy Help Me Eliminate?

If your primary goal is to wipe out your debt as quickly as possible, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the right option for you. Most people file for Chapter 7 because it can help them easily discharge their debt in about four months after filing the bankruptcy petition. However, it is important to keep in mind that Chapter 7 bankruptcy often requires the liquidation of assets, meaning that you might not be able to keep some of your property.

Below is a list of commonly discharged debts through Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

  • Credit card charges, including overdue and late fees
  • Collection agency accounts
  • Medical bills
  • Personal loans
  • Utility bills
  • Business debts
  • Veterans assistance loans
  • Money owed under lease agreements
  • Car accident claims
  • Attorney fees (except child support and alimony award)
  • Student loans (only if you can prove undue hardship)

Experienced Irvine Bankruptcy Lawyers

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