Don’t Panic! What to Do When You Find out You’re Being Sued

Don’t Panic! What to Do When You Find out You’re Being Sued
When you find out you’re being sued, your first thought might be to panic. Stay calm, take a deep breath, and do these important things right away.
Few things in life are as stressful as being sued. When you receive the notice that someone is filing a lawsuit against you, it’s easy to start panicking. People rarely know what to do when they receive a court summons and start to assume the worst.

It can arise out of a business disagreement, a divorce, or even just because of debt. People can sue you for almost anything, and it can make lawsuits seem to start out of nowhere. Getting sued is disorienting, and you end up making poor decisions after being served with a notice as a result.

But, if you’ve done your research and know what to do if you’re sued by someone, you’re less likely to panic. With the right information, you’ll make better decisions and prepare yourself much better than someone who doesn’t know what to do.

Keep reading below to learn about what you should do if you’re being sued so that you can protect yourself and avoid a litigious disaster!

Being Sued Isn’t the End of the World
The most important thing to remember after receiving a notice that you’re being sued is to not panic. If you start panicking after reading a notice, you’re more likely to make mistakes. You may try to reach out to the person suing you, or you may immediately try to negotiate with their legal teams.

Both of those are huge mistakes. Reaching out to the person suing you opens you up to the prosecution collecting more evidence against you. It also creates more opportunities for you to unknowingly make mistakes.

And if you try to negotiate your way to an out-of-court settlement, you implicitly acknowledge fault. This basically kills your case, and you will likely lose the lawsuit if it ever gets to that point.

You can avoid both of these mistakes by simply taking a deep breath and trying to not panic. Try to think rationally once you receive a notice instead of giving into the stress associated with being sued.

Contact a Lawyer Immediately
The best thing you can do if you’re being sued is to reach out to a lawyer. You most likely don’t have as much a grasp on the legal nuance associated with the courts. Lawyers train for years to be able to navigate complex laws and procedures that make sure justice is done.

If you reach out to a lawyer, they’ll likely arrange a time where you can meet in person and discuss the situation. Talk with them about what happened to cause someone to sue you. They’re legally obligated not to share that information after all.

By contacting a lawyer, you’re keeping yourself safe from litigation. You’re also recruiting a valuable ally who will walk you through a trial if it ever gets to that point. Instead, they may try to safely organize a way to settle the issue out of court with an arbitrator or with a settlement to help you avoid costly court fees.

Don’t Face a Judge Alone
The worst thing you can do after being sued is to try and face a judge alone. If you don’t have anyone on your side during a lawsuit, you’re bound to mess up. You’ll be up against a lawyer who trained for years to argue before a judge and protect their clients’ interests? How could you hope to stand against that?

Instead, you should just contact us. Reach out to us, and we’ll stand with you to make sure you’re treated fairly if you’re being sued. We’ll protect you, and we’ll work to make sure you’re safe if you’re being sued!