Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

This is one of my favorite topics because this is really our niche. We love foreclosure defense cases and I’ll tell you why. Foreclosure is a very technical and a very regulation driven process. There are a lot of rules and regulations that apply to how a foreclosure in California must be conducted. Frankly, between you and me, most lenders screw it up. In some way, in some part of the process, they don’t do it right whether it’s a notice issue or it’s a timing issue, there are a lot of pitfalls for lenders and trustees foreclosing on property in California that we can use to defend you in the foreclosure process. So foreclosure defense is absolutely a real thing. It’s very effective. Lenders will usually compromise when they are called into question because they really don’t like being put under the microscope of scrutiny of the courts.

For our office foreclosure defense is very effective when you are more detail oriented and you can go through and find all these things that he lenders potentially did wrong. We encourage borrowers to go negotiate a loan modification with your lender. Go make the effort, reach out to them, you should be treated fairly, you should get a fair and transparent review and the lender should justify every step of the way why and what numbers they used if they are going to decline you and frankly, most of the time if they decline you, it’s for an unlawful purpose and foreclosure defense can be very effective as a tool to not only stop foreclosure, postpone foreclosure but also get foreclosure sales cancelled and get you some sort of very favorable work out with your lender.

Obviously nothing is guaranteed. We can never predict a result. If it’s your home and it’s worth going the trouble over then foreclosure defense is definitely something that you should consider. Hire a law firm, do some of these things that are very effective. You are going to create a lot of defenses to that foreclosure and not only get a lot of extra time in the property but also potentially get yourself a very favorable outcome and a permanent solution to be able to keep the property in the long run.

So that’s foreclosure defense. I hope you will consider it. If you have any other legal questions related to foreclosure defense or even something else, please feel free to call our office, email us, come in for a consultation. We are happy to talk to you. I love talking about foreclosure defenses. So call us any time and we’ll talk to you soon.

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