West Los Angeles Business Litigation Lawyer

At McFarlin LLP, we’ve seen the damage litigation can have to businesses operating within the greater Los Angeles area. Left unchecked or disregarded, corporate disputes can tear apart even the most well oiled operation. On an individual employee basis, scathing accusations within the work place can leave your career and personal life in shambles. No matter the present circumstance, it is important to proactively tackle any business litigation by retaining proper legal counsel that understands and appreciates the complexities involved. Going it alone or attempting to resolve such disputes often results in the situation becoming that much worse.

Attorney Timothy McFarlin, and the entire team at McFarlin LLP, has years of experience, representing clients both in large out-of-court settlements, as well trial based litigations. Don’t let potentially small disputes become catastrophic events at your place of business – contact our office today at (888) 728-0044 for a free consultation on your options and rights.

An Individual Basis

Despite the name, business litigation quite often involves individual employees and their employer. The reasons can vary, but some of the more common disputes include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Unreasonable business practices
  • Abusive work place
  • Failure to pay
  • Wrongful termination
  • Harassment of any kind

A few steps to keep in mind, should you find yourself contending with some of the above mentioned issues: First and foremost you’ll want to speak with your company’s human resource officer. Filing a complaint directly often will yield positive results – but be sure to document this complaint along with any response you receive from HR or management. Additionally, this will provide evidence that you attempted an internal resolution to the situation, prior to resorting to external counsel.

Should your company lack a human resource department and management has failed to address your grievance, get in touch with an experience business litigation attorney for more information.

Company Wide

On the other hand, as an employer there are countless legal issues that can arise seemingly out of nowhere. It is up to you, and your management, to keep an eye out for some of the following wider disputes that can occur in-house or in the market:

  • Internal fraud
  • Copyright/trademark infringement of your property or vice/versa
  • Product liability
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Intellectual property lawsuits
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Employment disagreements

Quite often, disputes at this level can be resolved outside the courtroom, with the two parties coming together on a fair settlement. In many cases the complaint or issue can be resolved with a quick response and decisive action within the company hierarchy. However, should you need to go to trial, retaining an experienced business litigation attorney can make all the difference.

When Should I Call?

Whether you are an employee seeking redress for a particular wrongdoing at the work place or a corporation looking to protect itself from legal action, contact the experienced  business litigators at McFarlin LLP today for a full and comprehensive review, at no cost to you.