Banned Bankruptcy Company Continues Operations while Eluding the Law

A single mother of two children decided to file bankruptcy after having dealt with mounting debt since she lost her job in 2012. With hardly any money saved in the bank, she needed bankruptcy assistance at a low price. She came across USA Bankruptcy Associates, which offered to fill out her 67-page bankruptcy document for $185. After it was completed, she filed the document with a bankruptcy court.

Days later, the struggling mother received notification from the court that they could not accept the document because it was not correctly filled out. She desperately tried to get in contact with the company, but couldn’t find even one human employee to voice her complaints to. She reported the incident to the U.S. Trustee Program. Eventually, her bankruptcy case was discharged.

Meanwhile the U.S. Trustee Office started an investigation of USA Bankruptcy Associates and discovered an unsettling pattern of similar cases being reported all across the nation. Despite having dozens of lawsuits brought against them along with tens of thousands of dollars in sanctions, the company’s owners have not paid a cent of court-ordered penalties.

Henry Ihejirika, the principal owner of the company, and his partners have bases in Canada, Israel, and England. They are banned from practicing bankruptcy assistance in the United States, yet they continue to work in the country to this day. Civic and criminal authorities believe Ihejirika has specialized knowledge in computers and that he is using it not only to elude authorities, but also to build software programs that are essential to his illegal bankruptcy business.

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