Citibank Mortgage Foreclosure Help | Citimortgage Loan Modification

As a loan modification and foreclosure defense attorney, many people ask me how they can get help to stop a Citibank or Citimortgage foreclosure. Although it can seem like a long and hopeless process, there are programs to assist Citibank borrowers and provide Citibank mortgage foreclosure help.

Citibank Mortgage Foreclosure Programs
Like most large institutional lenders, Citibank or Citimortgage does have loan modification and foreclosure avoidance programs available to borrowers. Citibank took part in TARP and officially offers HAMP and Making Home Affordable loan modifications, although it may not seem like it sometimes. Working with Citibank really is no different than working with any other lender, they are very difficult to deal with, non-responsive, often lose documents, don’t have a record of phone calls, and just generally aren’t very helpful. In the end, if you want help from Citibank on a mortgage or foreclosure issue, it take a tremendous amount of time and patience.

Citibank Mortgage Foreclosure Assistance
To get the Citibank or Citimortgage loan modification or loan workout process started, Citibank customers can call 866-272-4749 (CitiMortgage), 800-211-6926 or 800-430-5262 (Citi Residential Lending) to learn specifically about the first steps to get assistance. Citibank actually has a relatively good track record of helping those who need and request help. In 2007, the number of extensions, modifications, etc, outnumbered the number of foreclosures by approximately five to one. This means that for every loan that was foreclosed on, approximately five more were extended or modified in some way.

Despite all the challenges, Citibank does offer mortgage foreclosure assistance, and any borrowers seeking to avoid a Citibank foreclosure, should strongly consider at least exploring these options. As time consuming and difficult as it may be to work with Citibank, it’s not hopeless. Borrowers get loan modifications and foreclosure assistance from Citibank everyday, but it’s a long and uncertain road and you must be patient.

California Loan Modification Lawyers
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