Fight a Wachovia Foreclosure | Wachovia Lawsuits and Complaints

One of the casualties of the great housing decline in recent years seems to be professionalism and common human decency in regard to customers of Wachovia. As a mortgage and foreclosure litigation attorney, more and more borrowers are seeking to fight a Wachovia foreclosure due to Wachovia improperly imposing fees, misapplying payments, overcharging borrowers and often even wrongfully foreclosing.

What Can Be Done to Fight a Wachovia Foreclosure

Wachovia was actually not terrible to deal with prior to being taken over by Wells Fargo, however, since that time, Wachovia has become one of the worst lenders to try and work with. It is common for a Wachovia borrower to be in a repayment plan or forbearance plan and have their house sold right out from under them despite being current on the payments! For this, and many other reasons, it is often possible to fight a Wachovia foreclosure and actually have some success.

Wachovia Foreclosure Complaints

If you feel like Wachovia, or any other lender for that matter, has treated you unfairly, or may have violated some law or housing regulation, it is important to keep good records. This includes saving all letters or notices Wachovia sends out both from Wachovia directly and from their foreclosure trustee, attorneys or other “agent”. Next it is a very good idea to keep a detailed call log of every time you speak to a Wachovia representative including their name, title, extension and day and time of your call. In your call log, also keep diligent notes about what was discussed and any representations made by the Wachovia representative. All these facts and information will be critical evidence in your potential lawsuit against Wachovia or Complaints to Federal Regulators regarding how you were treated.

Wachovia Foreclosure Lawsuits

If you feel you have been mistreated, disregarded, or ignored by Wachovia, you should consider consulting with a mortgage litigation attorney right away. You may have important rights to protect and potential damages for Wachovia’s wrongful acts. Of course, one important facet of the mortgage lawsuit against Wachovia Mortgage may be to try and keep you in your property and avoid another Wachovia foreclosure. Keep in mind, all lenders, including Wachovia and Wells Fargo, have certain responsibilities under HAMP. For qualifying loans, they MUST give you an opportunity to present your loan modification package and be considered.

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