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New Video! Unemployment, Bankruptcy and Debt Relief

Unemployment, Bankruptcy and Debt Relief New Programs are Available NOW! Disaster Relief to eliminate debt, call now: (949) 259-5438 Update: At least 6M people have applied for unemployment and need immediate debt relief! Many NEW and favorable programs have come online recently, and it’s time you took full advantage. […]

New Video! What Happens After Filing Bankruptcy

What Happens After Filing Bankruptcy Call McFarlin LLP today and get back on track: (949) 259-5438 Believe it or not, after your (complete) bankruptcy case has been filed, a large portion of the work has already been done! The final step for most cases is for the filer to […]

5 Crazy Myths About Bankruptcy Busted

What Does Bankruptcy Cover? Most people tend to peddle falsehoods about the issue of bankruptcy. Here are the real facts as explained by a bankruptcy attorney. Filing for bankruptcy sounds scary. And, for many people, it can feel like a failure. But, if you’re thinking of filing, don’t beat yourself up! There are […]

4 Warning Signs You Need Business Debt Elimination

Running a business is no small feat! When financial challenges arise, explore the warning signs that it’s time for business debt elimination. Did you know that lack of capital is what a third of small business owners cite as their number one challenge to growth? Many business owners finance growth through […]