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Beverly Hills Foreclosure Defense Attorneys

Facing foreclosure in Beverly Hills does not make losing your home a fore gone conclusion. Not by a long shot. While it seems to have occurred with tremendous frequency over the past decade, and with relative ease on the part of lenders, foreclosure is a complex process that leaves you – the property owner – with a number of options to save your investment before it is too late.

If you are wrestling with what steps to take and fear the worst, give the qualified foreclosure attorneys at McFarlin, LLP a call. Banks and mortgage lenders are most certainly counting on a certain level of panic entering the equation and will do their utmost to push you into a gradual foreclosure decline. It is completely unnecessary and beguiles the fact that foreclosure, along with bankruptcy, can be reversed quite successfully once the proper steps have been taken. You are not alone in this fight and the dedicated McFarlin team will provide the necessary counsel to help you see it through. For a free case evaluation and extensive consultation on the process and how our firm can help, give us a call today at (888) 728-0044.

A Defensive Strategy

Make no mistake – mortgage lenders will do their best to make sure your foreclosure is expedited as fast as possible. In the rush, many things can be left undone or unchecked by both parties. It is up to an experienced real estate litigator to thoroughly investigate the proceedings up until that point, ensure the lender and mortgage payee have met all appropriate benchmarks and check for any dubious maneuvers. The list below accounts for some of the more common defenses an attorney can raise provided the proper criteria are met:

The Lending Terms Were Unconscionable or Unfair:

If the past decade has proven anything to the housing market and its regulators, it is the lengths to which unscrupulous loan agencies will go to make a dollar. In some instances, mortgage companies have furnished completely outlandish loan agreements which prey upon their customers. This can happen in a variety of ways, but if the contract details are enough to “shock the conscience” of the presiding foreclosure judge, this could work against the predatory loan company.

Foreclosing Party Failed to Meet State / Federal Requirements:

As stated earlier, foreclosure is a lengthy and complex process. Those mortgage companies engaged in foreclosure must submit a variety of notices and forms to both the home owner and state agencies in order to complete the process. Any missing documentation or announcements on the part of the lending party could stall or negate the foreclosure proceedings; obviously, the greater the misstep, the greater the defense for the property owner.

Military Service Member on Active Duty:

Under the Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) foreclosure proceedings can be postponed provided any soldier on active duty submits a written notice to the court once he or she becomes aware of the action.

Down, But Not Out, in Beverly Hills

While it can be an incredibly difficult process that tests every aspect of your life, foreclosure is by no means the end. You have options and assistance is available. Call McFarlin, LLP today and let us help you get ahead of the crisis before it becomes too late. Call (888) 728-0044 to set up an appointment today.


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