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We Can Help Put a Stop to the Tactics Employed by Creditors When Collecting on Debts

Living in Southern California is expensive and it’s easy to overextend yourself financially while just trying to get by. While you work hard for your income, the cost of living continues to skyrocket. Creditors understand this and are all too eager to offer you a loan, in the form of a mortgage or credit card. Unfortunately, these loans come with strings attached. Interest rates may start out small but can increase rapidly for missing even a single payment. For this reason, it’s easy for even the most financially minded person to find themselves struggling under a mountain of debt.

Did You Know that Creditors Can Garnish Up to 25% of Your Income? Call for Legal Help!

If you fail to make debt payments in a timely fashion, your creditors have many options on which to collect. By obtaining a court judgment, they can place liens on your property, seize your bank accounts, garnish your wages, or more.

In California, creditors can garnish up to 25% of your income. When you’re already struggling to pay your bills, losing a quarter of your paycheck will only make your situation worse. In addition, you can also be subject to harassing phone calls and visits from debt collectors, at home or at your place of work.

When these circumstances arise, it’s important to remember that you have rights and options. By contacting our wage garnishment attorneys at McFarlin LLP, you can find out how to break free from the burden of debt.

Call us today at (949) 570-5025 or contact us online to request a free consultation. We offer same-day appointments for those who need it.

Bankruptcy as a Means for Preventing Wage Garnishment

Before creditors can get their hands on your property, bank accounts, or wages, it’s a good idea to consider filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can protect you and your family’s assets and future, and help you make a clean start.

Below, we break down the three primary types of bankruptcy that can be filed to end the wage garnishment tactics of creditors:

  • Chapter 7 – Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, creditors must stop all collection activity, including garnishments, calls, bank levies, and foreclosures. In most cases, this type of bankruptcy allows you to keep all of your assets, such as your car and house. However, there are certain types of debt that can’t be forgiven. Things like unpaid taxes, child support, and student loans can’t be dismissed. This is why it’s a good idea to consult a knowledgeable attorney when considering Chapter 7. We can help you make a clean start and move on with your life.
  • Chapter 11 – This type of bankruptcy is primarily used by large businesses and corporations that are in dire financial trouble. It freezes a company’s debt while the company reorganizes and allows the owners of the business to remain in charge of its operations. This is a rather complicated form of bankruptcy, so an attorney’s involvement is essential.
  • Chapter 13 – Chapter 13 is a court-approved plan worked out between debtors and creditors that allows people to protect their assets while gradually repaying what they owe. Oftentimes, a creditor will forgive part of the debt in order to receive some payment rather than none. Chapter 13 is an effective method for stopping foreclosure should you run into financial difficulties.

We Can Help You Stop Wage Garnishment in Irvine. Call Now!

As you can see, there are several options if you find yourself drowning under debt. Life is unpredictable and you never know when a layoff or severe illness will make it difficult to pay your bills. If you’ve found yourself in such an unfortunate situation, do not hesitate to contact McFarlin LLP for help. We proudly represent individuals and small- to mid-sized businesses in Irvine and throughout Orange County.

Your first consultation is free, which means you have nothing to lose in scheduling an appointment to talk to one of our Irvine wage garnishment lawyers. Call us at (949) 570-5025 or message us online to get started.

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