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Bankruptcy Attorney California

Bankruptcy Attorney CaliforniaWhen you decide to pursue a bankruptcy filing in California, by working with a qualified attorney, the entire bankruptcy process should take an average of four months, with a major portion of that time frame spent waiting for your final meeting with the judge.

Obviously, if you want to pursue bankruptcy protection, after exhausting your other options, the first move is to choose an attorney, preferably one who specializes in bankruptcy law.

Bankruptcy law is incredibly complex and most people who file for protection have been coping with pressure from unscrupulous creditors for months or even years. Due to the complexities of bankruptcy law and unscrupulous pressure from creditors, it’s important that consumers have strong representation.

However, before hiring an attorney to actually pursue bankruptcy, consumers should thoroughly review their case with legal counsel and, if necessary, save the money necessary to retain them. In California and in most states, consumers can complete pre-filing credit counseling online for a nominal fee.

And, once your attorney files for bankruptcy on your behalf, creditors are no longer allowed to call and harass you. For many clients, we’ve found that this is the first step to emotional recovery.

Why use an attorney to file for bankruptcy? One solid reason is that an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help you decide which type of bankruptcy to file for. McFarlin LLP has a comprehensive understanding of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the state of California. Let us help you so you can focus on the implications of bankruptcy outside of the court. In addition, our attorneys understand the different categories of exemptions, exemption limits and requirements. As a result, allow a knowledgeable lawyer to step in and help you sort through the legal ramifications of this decision.

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