A Mother’s DUI—Young Daughter in Car

Recently, in Charleston, West Virginia, a mother accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol—with her daughter in the car, told police she ran through a stop sign because she was in a rush to meet up with two women who were going to sell her crack-cocaine. The mother’s blunt excuse was even more shocking once police found her daughter in the back seat.

The complaint filed in court by one of Charleston’s finest, P.S. Kapeluck, reports of an Oldsmobile Aurora “speeding and failing to stop at an intersection.” Kapeluck said he “could smell alcohol on (the mother’s) breath.” She soon admitted she had been drinking. Her sobriety tests indicated she was highly impaired and incapable of driving.

The driver screamed and shouted when brought to the police station and later, she refused to give a breath sample. Apparently, police found she had previous convictions—including another driving under the influence charge from five years ago. She was charged with a “second offense DUI, DUI with a minor and felony child neglect.”

Presently, she sits at the South Central Regional Jail, on a $10,000 cash only bond. Having her child in the vehicle will surely present a heftier punishment than if she were alone. When driving under the influence, one puts the lives of other drivers, including their own, at risk; having a child in the car, while driving under the influence, is beyond negligent and hopefully for the child’s sake, results in a case where custody is given to another member of the family or spouse.