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At McFarlin LLP we are committed to client communication, technology and keeping you updated. We have developed our own McFarlin LLP App for both iPhone and android to give you access to your matter in real time. You can always be up-to-date on the latest developments and documents in your case.

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Serving Clients Throughout OC and Los Angeles

McFarlin LLP provides premier affordable legal services to a diverse clientele including small to mid-sized businesses and property owners throughout California. Our attorneys are all highly qualified and respected with specialized knowledge and experience in business litigation and real estate litigation matters. We also have a renowned bankruptcy and foreclosure defense practice, including bankruptcy litigation, which serves individuals, corporations and property owners. McFarlin LLP is widely regarded as the preeminent foreclosure defense and mortgage litigation firm in California, securing results for our clients beyond even their most optimistic expectations in many cases.

Who We Serve

We provide reliable, high quality, legal services to clients. Although we are most recognized for representing small to mid-sized businesses, we also represent individual property owners and consumers as well as other types of entities, such as trusts and partnerships. Communication and honesty are some of our firm’s most important values, which clients notice from our very first conversation. We make sure to carefully consider our clients’ needs and formulate an appropriate and cost-effective legal strategy to reflect their goals. We also work hard to keep clients informed and updated on their matter every step of the way.

Your Business Matter is Important to Us

Our business litigation practice encompasses many different industries and types of business litigation matters. We start by developing a deep understanding of your business and your specific litigation objective, discuss an appropriate budget that will not significantly impact business operations, and use our skill and experience to achieve the most effective and efficient result. As one of the most highly regarded litigators in California, we excel in negotiations, mediations and other types of dispute resolution, which can save clients significant resources compared to litigating a matter to trial.

Although most clients come to us because they’ve heard or read about our impressive results and track record, it is important to note every case is different and unique and our past success should not be considered a guarantee or prediction of result. However, we do apply the same diligent and systematic approach to all our litigation matters.

Acclaimed Real Estate Law and Foreclosure Defense Practice

Our acclaimed real estate and foreclosure practice has received national recognition in both specialized real estate industry publications and mainstream national news (USA Today, among others). We represent a wide variety of clients in real estate litigation matters, including property owners, buyers and sellers, contractors, investors, brokers, borrowers, and trusts. We have both a robust real estate litigation practice as well as a real estate transactional department, including two real estate brokers on staff. The experience of having litigated so many real estate matters gives us a unique perspective on real estate contracts and negotiations, which typically results in our client having a staggering advantage in any negotiation or challenge they may be facing. Very few law firms in California have successfully litigated as many real estate matters as McFarlin LLP. Our firm has been so successful because we approach each case with the utmost care and methodical diligence.

Bankruptcy Filings and Bankruptcy Litigation

The attorneys at McFarlin LLP have represented thousands of bankruptcy clients (both businesses and individuals) in filings or litigation over our many years of practice. Our attorneys have received national acclaim and recognition in industry publications, such as SuperLawyers as well as mainstream outlets such as MSN, USA Today, US News, Good Housekeeping, and many others. We handle all types of bankruptcy filings, including Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 for businesses and consumers alike. Our niche has become taking on complex, unpredictable matters that other attorneys usually don’t want to handle because there are too many variables. These are the challenging cases we love. We use our bankruptcy experience and litigation background to secure our clients the absolute best possible results, while providing frequent updates and a high level of service. No client scenario surprises us; we’ve seen it all before.

Other Areas of Practice

Once you are a client at McFarlin LLP, we work hard to serve all your legal needs even beyond business litigation and real estate, including corporate and transactional work, asset protection, estate planning and probate, select personal injury, and employment law matters.

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At McFarlin LLP, we understand that every client has a unique situation that requires an individualized approach. Our premier affordable legal services give clients the personal attention they need to not only feel comfortable and informed but also get the best possible results. High quality legal services are affordable at McFarlin LLP. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you at (888) 728-0044.


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