Pulling Yourself Out of Debt

Pulling yourself out of debt is always an uphill battle. However, with the right tools and mindset, you can start chipping away and eventually free yourself of debt. When you first set out to tackle your debt, consider four factors: Your debt strategy Downgrading opportunities Money-making opportunities Other ways to save With regard to your […]

Homeowner Costs: The Unspoken Reality of Hidden & Sunk Costs

Recently, we’ve talked a lot about the hard costs of owning a home. We’ve discussed the costs of borrowing money from the bank, interest rates, mortgages, second mortgages, and the varying value of your investment as the housing market declines and recovers. When faced with the unfortunate prospect of foreclosure, these hard costs are often […]

Can You Get a Loan Modification with a Chapter 7 Bk?

As a loan modification attorney and bankruptcy lawyer, many clients ask me: Can you get a loan modification with a chapter 7 bk? A bk chapter 7 (Chapter 7 Bankruptcy), will typically slow down the loan modification process, and often improves a borrowers chances of getting approved for a loan modification. Chapter 7 Bk and […]

March Marks Highest Incidents of Bankruptcy Filing and Protection Since 2005

According to recent numbers, since the Feds reformed bankruptcy laws five years ago, the number of filings for bankruptcy protection has skyrocketed.  On April 1st, the Automated Access to Court Electronic Records (AACER) released data compiled from various court filings and showed 158,141 US bankruptcy petitions were filed in March alone—20% more than (132,005) March […]

Congress rejects measure to help struggling families amid shower of special interest money

Good people caught in this economic downturn are losing their homes because of campaign contributions

What Is The Best Alternative For Your Specific Debt Situation?

People that have a good FICO score but at the same time they are in a lot of debt and they are making only the minimum payment on all of their bills, debt consolidation would be the best option. Debt consolidation would be the best option because it will help them to get lower monthly payments so they can keep up and will not ruin their credit score. They will also be able to get themselves out of the debt faster.