Bankrupt | Bankr | Bank rupt

For those unfamiliar with financial struggles, bankrupt is often associated with irresponsible spending. This judgment often leads to the common misconception that those who go bankrupt (bankr or bank rupt). McFarlin LLP knows that this is grossly inaccurate. Loss of job, cut in hours at work, divorce, medical issues and other major personal problems can leave […]

Bankruptcy in California: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

If you find yourself wondering if bankruptcy is right for you, contact an attorney who focuses on bankruptcy law in California. Filing for bankruptcy is not as straightforward as you may think, and there are several factors of your financial profile that will dictate the path you should take. To begin, you can file under […]

Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney | OC Lawyers | OC Law Firm

As an Orange County bankruptcy attorney, people sometimes ask me whether filing bankruptcy in Orange County differs from filing somewhere else, such as Los Angeles, Long Beach or Riverside. The differences may be subtle, but there are some unique characteristics to an Orange County Bankruptcy (filed at the Santa Ana Federal Courthouse), that are different […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is often called “liquidation bankruptcy.” Widely viewed as the most straightforward bankruptcy, Chapter 7 is available to individuals as well as corporations. What is the Purpose of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing? A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing will discharge applicable debts, so you can start over financially. Once your bankruptcy filing is […]

How to Fix an Error on Your Credit Report

If you have recently filed bankruptcy, and your debts have been officially discharged, it is a good idea to order a copy of your credit report to check for errors. Even if you have not filed for bankruptcy, you might want to look over your credit report if you have been denied credit to ensure […]

Wage Garnishment and Bankruptcy

There are many hazard associated with waiting too long to file for bankruptcy. One of the main issues is wage garnishment. Many people put off filing for bankruptcy, and find themselves in a situation where their wages are already being garnished by the time they contact a bankruptcy attorney. A creditor can obtain a court […]