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Business Law Program

The Next Generation of Business Legal Services

McFarlin LLP Client Suite is the next generation of legal services for our business clients. For one monthly flat fee, our business clients get unlimited legal advice, document review services, and employment law supervision. Our Client Suite does not include litigation or large scale transactional work, however, if those needs do arise, we offer our Client Suite client’s discounted rates for any legal matter.

Client Suite delivers strategic guidance and practical business solutions to address client’s employment, commercial, corporate, real estate and technology law needs. Regardless of business structure or organization size, every client seeks the same legal product: high quality legal advice, at a reasonable and predictable price. Client Suite provides clients with vital corporate legal services replicating the procedures, methodology, and style of an in-house legal department.

The Benefits of Our Client Suite

Our Client Suite Program is perfect for your business no matter what your current in-house counsel situation is. If you have in-house counsel, you can scale back on your in-house counsel hours and responsibilities. If you do not have in-house counsel, or you want to move away from it all together, our Client Suite is an essential, cost effective program for your business.

Safeguard the Future of Your Business

Legal risks are unavoidable aspects of doing business today, but legal liabilities don’t have to be. Risks can be managed and minimized so that your business can avoid the liabilities resulting from them. We can effectively manage risk for your business, and address any type of legal matters that may arise, without the high overhead of in-house counsel.

The first step is to identify the risks. To do so, a representative from your business will sit down with one of our Client Suite attorneys and discuss your industry in general, your employment situation, and your strategy for growth going forward. Our approach to minimizing risk for your business going forward has three important components.

  1. We do a complete audit and review of your operations, vendor and supplier relationships, customer contracts, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and employee or contractor arrangements.
  2. We analyze your industry and growth patterns; specifically, we anticipate where your business growth will come from, which suppliers and vendors will be most critical, and where new customers, or which existing customers, will expand.
  3. We make thoughtful and insightful recommendations for your business to protect and preserve what you have built and to meet the ever changing business challenges that will arise in the future with as little risk and expose as possible.

Once we identify the issues and risks that may confront your business in the future, we can look for the solutions to address them now, and avoid legal entanglements in the future. Unfortunately, some legal challenges are unavoidable. If such a litigation issue does arise we give our Client Suite clients a 20% discount from our normal hourly rates. We feel confident that our preparation and insight will minimize your exposure and shorten the duration of any litigation.

Join Our Client Suite Today!

A robust focus on risk management practices strengthens a business and provides a substantial competitive edge over its competition facing the same challenges. Now is the time to reassess. The McFarlin LLP Client Suite Risk Management Assessment team is ready to assist your business. Our team takes the time to learn about your business, review your operations, identify sources of liability, and address these exposures. Let us assist your business’ legal needs with our Client Suite Program. Contact us today for more information (888) 728 0044, or email us.

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