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Mark L.Malibu, CA – 8/5/2015

Thanks to the staff at McFarlin (especially Mary, Gary and Tim), we were able to save our home from foreclosure. They worked out a loan modification with our lender after our multiple efforts failed. Hiring them was the best decision we made. Mary was always available to answer all questions and help with the paperwork needed by the bank. She was great about following up with the lender to make sure our file was being dealt with in a timely manner. A true lifesaver. It was a huge burden lifted knowing they were fighting for us to keep our home. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Highly recommended.

Stephen L. – 7/8/2015

I got a surprise garnishment for credit card debt that was just under seven years old and so still collectible. The collector, a big and savvy operator in the business, had bought the contract for my credit card debt for pennies on the dollar back in 2009, after the bank had written it off. He then got a judgement for the owed amount, but never served me to appear in court to contest the debt. Then he let six years go by so he could pile up fees and fines before getting the garnishment. I would have been paying this predator seven hundred dollars a month for six years, for a debt of about nine thousand dollars. Tim McFarlin and his capable assistant cut this thief off at the knees. My chapter seven filing sailed through the court system like one of Mike Trout’s home runs sailing out of Angel’s Stadium. He and his assistant told me what to do and guaranteed the results if I did my part. I did my part and the results were as promised. I would never use anybody else.

Adriana G. – 4/2/2015

Its difficult when it comes time in finding a good law firm, facing foreclosure and stressing about loosing our home, we did some researching and found Mcfarlin LLP.
We first talked with Paul, who was very kind and understanding of our situation. We then came into there office and met with Tim and Paul. After reviewing our information and how our lender treated us, they felt we would be a good client for litigation. We decided to retain Mcfarlin LLP, they kept us informed of the process and treated us with great service and respect. They were able to save our home and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you Mcfarlin LLP and we will be happy to refer others in need. Adriana

Cindy J. – 3/13/2014

McFarlin LLP helped us save our house after 3 years of us working with another lawyer and almost going into foreclosure. Our previous lawyer made false promises, took way too much money and tried to sell us on everything, from filing bankruptcy to doing a short sale using their services – they constantly tried to get more money out of us and were not looking out for our best interests. McFarlin was way different and only had our interests in mind. My fiancee was recommended McFarlin by a close friend who was able to save their house using McFarlin Law after struggling with the bank for 2 years. We honestly went to McFarlin on one last attempt to try and get our home modification and in just under a year we succeeded!! Mcfarlin was fair priced and even talked us out of doing things that were unnecessary. I would definitely recommend McFarlin LLP (and especially Mary who works in the loan modification department) to anyone who has lost hope in trying to save their house and the american dream! Thank you McFarlin LLP!!!!

Jeannine V. – 11/6/2013

I have been dealing with Mcfarlin for over a year with a loan modification POST foreclosure. They are professional, courteous, responsive and fair. After a long battle with the Bank, Mcfarlin was successful in getting my house back with a permanent loan modification. I also want to mention Mary, who is the numbers specialist in the office who guides you through getting all the paperwork in order. Next to the attorneys she is key to the success of getting loan modifications approved. Thank you!

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