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Going Bankrupt

Now that started down the going bankrupt path, and introduced you to the different chapters, it’s time to dig a little deeper. We want to arm you with knowledge you need of bankruptcy court and the proceedings so you’re comfortable and confident going bankrupt. This is by no means an exhaustive list, however, we hope […]

California: The State of the Housing Market

The end of summer has brought some relatively good news to the housing market. Data shows that home prices are starting to increase, improving conditions for underwater borrowers who owe more on their homes than these properties are worth. CoreLogic estimates that many underwater borrowers have homes that are worth only about 5% less than […]

Mortgage Loan Services: Pre-approval and pre-qualification

Pre-approval and pre-qualification: Two real estate terms that are often used interchangeably but have a distinction that could cost you your perfect home. First and foremost, a bank will not provide a loan until you are pre-approved. Many people think they are pre-approved for a loan after a pre-qualification session with a mortgage professional, however, […]

Loan Modification Laws

The US Treasury Department has produced a number of loan modification laws or mandatory guidelines requiring lenders to review homeowners’ loan modification requests and perform loan modifications where possible. Under the current loan modification laws, in exchange for fixing loan payments at 31 percent of the homeowner’s monthly gross income, the lender receives generous incentive […]

WaMu Hearing Postponed

Washington Mutual, Inc., said recently before a bankruptcy judge, they are close to reaching an agreement with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which will allow the bank to see life again, after filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Because WaMu, its bondholders, JP Morgan Chase & Company and the FDIC are all entitled to a share of […]

Refusing a Breathalyzer Test Has its Consequences

No one should ever drive under the influence. However, since life is life, and things and parties or meetings at bars, happen, we often think we’re okay to drive. If you do drink, it is important to allot time for yourself to sober-up. Waiting an hour after each drink is, typically, a good rule to […]