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Equity of Orange County Homes on the Rise

California Real Estate

There is good news for Orange County homeowners. According to CoreLogic’s latest equity report, only 3.6 percent of Orange County homes with a mortgage were valued less than was owed during the second quarter this year. This new report clearly shows how much progress has been made in the last few years. In 2009, there […]

Understanding Contractor and Building Litigation

Under the California Right to Repair Act, homeowners have the right to hold builders and contractors accountable for failing to meet certain standards. Contractors and builders can be held accountable for a variety of problems, including water intrusion, structural issues, lack of fire protection, mistakes made with plumbing, faulty electrical systems, and other areas that […]

Finding Real Estate Success in 2014

Good news for homeowners: home prices for the most part are on the rise. The bad news? The average income in the nation hasn’t experienced any real growth in years while mortgage interest rates have. Less wealth and higher interest rates mean less prospective buyers. However, mortgage rates are still low from a historical viewpoint, […]

Southern California Home Sales Poor

A recent report by DataQuick, a San Diego-based real estate solutions company, indicates that the real estate situation in southern California is not boding well. In the month of November alone, home sales dropped by 10.4 percent across an entire six-county region, including Riverside County. The president of DataQuick found the performance to be “underwhelming.” […]