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Increasing Costs Could Drive People From Orange County

Many are worried that the rising cost of living in Orange County will force out current residents and deter people from moving here. Orange County is a much-sought-after real estate market, which is good news for current homeowners who can easily make their payments. But, it could spell disaster for renters who are barely getting […]

California Realtors Fight Back Against Mortgage Tax

The final version of the House Resolution Bill 22, known as the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2015, does not include the mortgage tax that was in the Senate’s version of the bill. The bill President Obama signed into law in December 2015 doesn’t include an extension of the higher guarantee fees that […]

New Program Helps First Time Homebuyers In Orange County

Owning a home has long been a major part of the American Dream. Unfortunately, maintaining a good credit score and having a stable income isn’t always enough to get you into your first home. According to California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) Executive Director Tia Boatman Patterson, “The lack of savings for a down payment is often the […]

Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Of course, the answer to this question depends entirely on your circumstance. But, if you are planning to buy, sell or defend your property for one reason or another, a real estate attorney is essential. In California it is not mandatory to hire an attorney when conducting real estate transactions – but one is certainly […]

New Rewards for HAMP Borrowers

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The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) was created to provide assistance to homeowners who are struggling to make mortgage payments. It provides meaningful savings for homeowners who have experienced reductions in income and unaffordable increases in expenses. Now, administration officials announce that borrowers who use HAMP will receive additional benefits if they continue to make […]

What Is the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights?

Under the leadership of State Attorney General Kamala Harris, there has been a push to protect homeowners and avert the mortgage crisis. In 2011, the Mortgage Fraud Strike Force was created to investigate and prosecute misconduct and illegal activity. In 2012, the top five banks in the country made a commitment to provide up to […]