Category: Mortgage Litigation

Current Events: Bank of America & Home Loans

The government continues to crack down on mortgage schemes today with news breaking that federal prosecutors have sued Bank of America, accusing the massive lender of carrying out a fraudulent home loan program. During the financial crisis, prosecutors say that BOA deceived the government by selling poor loans, without revealing the quality of the loans, […]

New Laws in CA: Homeowner State Laws 2013

California may have some of the best homeowner state law protection in the country after last week’s introduction of the new legislation the Homeowners Bill of Rights. It was a win for struggling homeowners who praised the new laws in CA attention to lender misconduct over the past few years. The homeowner state laws 2013 […]

Mortgage Robo Signing | Government Lawsuit Against Banks

Mortgage Robo Signing In 2010, it came as a terrible shock to learn that financial lenders, such as bank giants JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, were submitting falsified, unverified or otherwise fraudulent foreclosure paperwork in court. Banks were routinely using affidavits signed by employees who either didn’t review the documentation as […]

Homeowners Bill of Rights | January 2013

As we get closer to January 2013 when California’s new Homeowner Bill of Rights will take effect, we want to make sure you understand your rights and are prepared to take advantage of the benefits. It’s a monumental change to the foreclosure process; California is the first to enact homeowner protections like these at the state […]

HOEPA and Truth in Lending Laws

Mortgage loan paperwork can be more than confusing. Even the most fastidious among us may misunderstand or miss an important loan term. There is APR to consider, possible balloon payments, regular payments owed, maximum payments allowed, variable rates, and the list goes on. These details must be legally disclosed in documentation three days prior to […]

The Home Mortgage Lending Process

If you are thinking about buying a home and wondering what procuring a mortgage loan entails, this article is for you. Like any legal or fiscal process, it’s always good to know what to expect so you are armed with the right documentation, information and questions ahead of time. Step One: Preparation Gather all documents […]