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How To Stop A Foreclosure In California?

I’m in my office today and this is a subject that comes up a lot. Families and individuals calling our office with a foreclosure wanting to know how to stop it. There are 3 primary or reliable ways to stop a foreclosure in California. There are probably a lot more but these are the realistic […]

How To Buy A Foreclosure Property?

Potential buyers call our office wanting to get in on a discounted price on a foreclosure home. Something where the borrower has decided to let it go, decided to let it go to foreclosure and the foreclosure trustee is going to conduct the sale and auction the property off to whoever is standing there with […]

How To Find Out If A House Is In Foreclosure?

This is something that comes up not all the time but periodically. We have a client who isn’t really sure if their house is in foreclosure or not because they are getting calls from various debt collectors and they are not really sure. Is there a real foreclosure or are these guys really trying to […]

California Zombie Foreclosure Rates Drop In 2015

No, this has nothing to do with The Walking Dead, but losing a house to foreclosure can be a harrowing experience. “Zombie foreclosures,” also referred to a “zombie titles” or “zombie properties,” are a phenomenon where a homeowner vacates a residence being foreclosed before the foreclosure is final.

Southern California Foreclosures On The Rise

The housing price bubble collapse of 2006 put many homeowners in jeopardy of losing their homes and spawned the Great Recession. After a few dormant years the nation’s economy began to recover and, at this time, is fairly healthy. That’s why a recent article on is so surprising. RealtyTrac, the country’s leading source for […]

How to Avoid Zombie Foreclosures

Due to rising housing prices in the real estate market, zombie foreclosure are increasing in Los Angeles. It’s also happening in other major cities with low foreclosure rates, like Houston and Boston.