Category: Foreclosure Issues

Financial Worksheet for Loan Modification

One of the biggest concerns for homeowners looking to keep their property out of foreclosure is the financial worksheet for loan modification. The loan modification financial worksheet is a critical document because it tells the mortgage company the borrowers’ story in a nutshell. For that reason, the financial worksheet for loan modification must be completed […]

Litton Loan Modification

Litton Loan Servicing is generally regarded as the worst loan servicer to work with on a loan modification by attorneys and other real estate professionals. Although a Litton loan modification is difficult, it is not impossible, and homeowners with a Litton loan should not lose hope. Litton loan modification is possible, it’s just very time […]

Loan Modification on Non-Owner Occupied Property

Non-owner occupied property has historically been part of a good diversified investment portfolio. With home prices declining however, many investors are looking to loan modification on non-owner occupied property as a way to salvage these investments. Federal Loan Modification on Non-Owner Occupied Property Most federal loan modification programs don’t apply to non-owner occupied properties or […]

PA’s Mortgage Court & Assistance Program Aim to Support

In Pennsylvania, and more specifically, Blair County’s Hollidaysburg, the number of mortgage foreclosures is increasing to a point where a much needed Mortgage Court is finally being introduced to residents, in effort to save homes.  This Mortgage Court will work closely with the Blair County Community Action Agency, which has been assisting residents receive financial […]

Banks’ Homes Reach Record Second Quarter High

A new quarterly record for bank repossessions has recently been reported by Bank Foreclosures Sale—a web-based source for lists of bank owned homes and other foreclosure information.  According to their recent report, bank foreclosures were up 5% in this year’s second quarter.  The number of bank repossessions jumped 38% from last year’s second quarter—a new […]

Extra Federal Support to Help Beat Foreclosure

Michigan Governor, Jennifer M. Granholm has recently declared the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) will get more support from the Obama administration’s HFA (Housing Finance Agency) in the form of $128.4 million.  The assistance goes to unemployed homeowners fighting to make their mortgage payments—in effort to avoid foreclosure. Michigan is but one of 17 […]