Category: Estate Planning

Who Needs Estate Planning

The word “estate” describes all of a person’s property and assets.  There is no minimum amount necessary for a person to have an estate.  Any amount of personal and / or real property will qualify.  This means that any person, no matter how little they might think they have, would benefit from an estate plan. […]

Senate Budget Panel OKs Spending Plan

Bloomberg BusinessWeek has recently reported the Senate Budget Panel has approved a spending plan which includes an assumption of last year’s estate tax exclusion of $3.5 million dollars, as well, last year’s top estate tax rate of 45%, will be reinstated. This is fantastic news for most Americans who don’t have a heck of a […]

Feds’ New Law Allows IRA Conversions

When it comes to managing your future or retirement (but who’s really retiring these days?), there are still ways to try and grow a financial nest-egg for yourself down the road, despite the harsh economic conditions we are presently living through. In Washington, the Employee Benefits Research Institute (EBRI) reported more than 75% of US […]