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San Diego Bus Driver Arrested for DUI

San Diego County bus driver, David Joseph Costello was charged with putting the lives of his passengers in danger by driving under the influence. The incident occurred in both Encinitas and Carlsbad. He was arrested June 1st after a bus passenger called 911 saying they felt the driver seemed “intoxicated.” According to Sheriff’s Sergeant, Thomas […]

19 Year Old Gets 1 Year in Jail for Fatal DUI Crash

Last year, on June 20th, in Charleston, South Carolina, Keith Joshua Jackson, a recent high school graduate, was driving with two of his school friends. He got into a major car accident injuring himself, a passenger, Greg Jones and killing William Shuman. All were only 19 years old at the time. Jackson’s blood-alcohol level was […]

Alabama’s “Take Back Our Highways” Proves Effective Once Again

Alabama’s “Take Back Our Highways” program, which was launched back in 2007, successfully lowered the number of traffic-related deaths and got 362 intoxicated drivers off of the road. The 10-day program ended on Memorial Day, May 31st. Sixteen road fatalities occurred, 11 less than last year during the same time period. During the 10 days, […]

Las Vegas’ Holiday DUI Crackdown: 58 Arrests Over Holiday Weekend

This past Memorial Day weekend, in Las Vegas, Nevada, 58 people were arrested by Metro Police for driving under the influence. Thankfully, no alcohol-related crashes or deaths were reported and this is, in large part, due to the Metro Police’s efforts in cracking down on DUI incidents; which included extra patrolling and the implementation of […]

Refusing a Breathalyzer Test Has its Consequences

No one should ever drive under the influence. However, since life is life, and things and parties or meetings at bars, happen, we often think we’re okay to drive. If you do drink, it is important to allot time for yourself to sober-up. Waiting an hour after each drink is, typically, a good rule to […]

Police Don't Have to See a Person Drive to Arrest for DUI

Contrary to popular belief, police officers in many jurisdictions do not have to see a person operating a motor vehicle in order for that person to be arrested for driving under the influence (DUI).  Here are some cases where a police officer may be authorized to arrest a person for DUI when they did not […]