Category: Driving Under The Influence (DUI)

No Early Bird Special for Senior Citizen’s DUI

One’s never too old to be arrested for DUI.  75 year-old, Salima Gonin proved this clearly when recently arrested for driving under the influence, property damage and leaving the scene of an accident, in Lee County, Florida. “I was doing some shopping in the plaza…I was coming around the corner and I scraped a car,” […]

Young Floridian Woman Charged with DUI-Manslaughter

Just look around Gainesville, Florida at places like Ocala, Hawthorne, Newberry and Keystone Heights, to name a few areas, and you’ll find a gaggle of attorneys who specialize in cases of DUI. While the numbers of DUI and alcohol-related fatalities have declined, according to statistics from only two years ago, 1,041 driving-related deaths in Florida […]

Former Senator and Turnpike Authority Chairman Commits DUI

The Boston Globe recently reported Matthew Amorello, once Chairman of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, has recently been charged with DUI, intoxicated on alcohol; as well as leaving the scene of property damage. While no injuries occurred, Amorello posted bail early the next morning. The arrest took place at approximately sometime after two in the morning. […]

A Mother’s DUI—Young Daughter in Car

Recently, in Charleston, West Virginia, a mother accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol—with her daughter in the car, told police she ran through a stop sign because she was in a rush to meet up with two women who were going to sell her crack-cocaine. The mother’s blunt excuse was even more […]

Memphis Firefighter Gets 2 DUIs in 2 Months

In Memphis, a firefighter has been arrested for DUI—for the second time in two months. The firefighting veteran, David Gann, has served his department for 12 years. He was recently the cause of a three-car accident according to a local police affidavit. While the affidavit itself fails to go into the accident’s exact details, police […]

GA’s Grady County Cracks Down on DUI

The Grady County Sheriff’s Office in Thomasville, Georgia is developing greater strategies to decrease the number of DUI arrests inside its jurisdiction. “A person that gets behind the wheel impaired is not only putting themselves at risk,” said Sheriff Harry Young, “but also others who may just be coming home from work or on their […]