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A Shaky Roller Coaster Ride for Six Flags

In Delaware, Six Flags bondholders, who have been fighting over control, told a bankruptcy judge recently they have agreed on a revised Chapter 11 reorganization plan, for the theme park operator. Through the agreement announced in court, holders of junior notes issued by holding company Six Flags, Inc., will now assume control of the New […]

Can I File Bankruptcy for Foreclosure Debt?

Those facing foreclosure are often advised to attempt options such as a short sale or a loan modification to avoid the consequences of a foreclosure on their credit score. In order for most of these alternatives to work, however, both the lender and borrower must agree to the foreclosure alternatives. While many lenders may be […]

Student Loans and Bankruptcy

The value of an education is increasing more than ever.  More and more people are going back to school, which is saturating the job market with more qualified competition.  Many people would be unable to go to college at all if it weren’t for financing options like student loans. Like any other type of loan, […]

Life After Bankruptcy

As the number of bankruptcy filings rise, those who claim or who are about to, should know the possibility of getting good credit again and starting over are better than you think.  While filing bankruptcy can certainly damage one’s credit report (sometimes, legally, it can stay on your credit report for 10 years), by getting […]

The Different Types of Bankruptcy

There are different types of bankruptcy protection designated by the US. Bankruptcy Code under which a debtor may file.  Each type of bankruptcy is named for the chapter it can be found under in the Bankruptcy Code.  When a person says that they are filing for Chapter 7, they are really saying that they are […]

March Marks Highest Incidents of Bankruptcy Filing and Protection Since 2005

According to recent numbers, since the Feds reformed bankruptcy laws five years ago, the number of filings for bankruptcy protection has skyrocketed.  On April 1st, the Automated Access to Court Electronic Records (AACER) released data compiled from various court filings and showed 158,141 US bankruptcy petitions were filed in March alone—20% more than (132,005) March […]