Category: Bankruptcy

Ohio Publishers Seek and Receive Bankruptcy Relief

Both Brown Media Holdings Co. and the Brown Publishing Co., have recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy relief and will sell their assets in 10 states including New York, Texas, South Carolina, Colorado and Wyoming, to a bidder chosen by the companies. Both publishing companies requested $2.5 million in financing to assist the companies in […]

Guns and Bankruptcy

The right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Constitution.  In California, certain rules exist for who may possess firearms.  In general, felons, drug users, and offenders in domestic violence cases may not own firearms.  For those that have made the choice to keep and bear arms, the possession of these weapons is a matter […]

Can I File for Bankruptcy for Free

Many people wonder if they would be able to file for bankruptcy for free or without paying the court filing fee. The answer is probably not, but sometimes. In order to file a bankruptcy case, a person must pay the court filing fee of $299 (for chapter 7). This fee goes to pay for court […]

What to Wear in Bankruptcy Court

A person’s first bankruptcy court or hearing appearance can be a nervous experience, especially if they have never had to appear in court before. The way a person presents themselves in court may hurt or help their case. Body language speaks very loudly in open court. Perhaps the most important thing a person can do […]

Politicians Asked to Return Dirty Donations

Attorneys working on the law firm of Scott Rothstein’s bankruptcy case, have written to Florida Republican Party, Gov. Charlie Crist and some other politicians, demanding they return the $650,000+ in campaign donations, made by the firm. The lawyers sent a letter to 60 political groups and candidates for local, state and federal offices, demanding the […]

CIT Group Turns Profit Since Bankruptcy Protection

The CIT Group Inc., a New York based business lender, announced it turned a profit its first quarter since it went through its bankruptcy protection process. This can mean a lot to both the small and midsized businesses which receive financial assistance from CIT Group. As it is, the company itself is one of the […]