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Let the Bidding Begin: Domain Name Up For Auction

Domain names have become quite a business. Without having to worry about actually building a site and generating traffic to it, one can simply purchase a domain name then turn around and sell it high—to those in desperate need of the domain. For instance, during most major political campaigns through the past ten years, a […]

Blockbuster Struggles as DVD Renting Gets Easier

When Netflix launched in 1997, it faced a rather large mountain to climb in terms of making a mark in the video rental business. With large Blockbuster and Hollywood Video stores everywhere, the notion of mailing disks seemed, at the time, foreign—yet very convenient. In 2004, Netflix’s annual sales were $500 million—only its second profitable […]

Bankruptcy Discrimination

When a person files for bankruptcy, the matter becomes one of public record. This means that a search of public records for a person’s name will reveal personal financial details related to a bankruptcy case. This fact is one of concern for many employees and potential employees who fear their personal financial history may deny […]

Don't Avoid Bankruptcy

Many consumers continue to look for ways to avoid bankruptcy because they see it as a dark beast that will only hurt a credit score.  While it is true that a person’s credit score may fall, the benefits of a bankruptcy far outweigh the dangers. Most people who file for bankruptcy not only get to […]

Chapter 11 Bankruptcies for Business

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy, often referred to as a reorganization bankruptcy, is a popular bankruptcy option for private businesses.  Unlike other forms of bankruptcy, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows a business to reorganize their debts while maintaining the property necessary to run their business so that they may earn enough money to pay their debts […]

WaMu Lives!

The most enormous bank failure in history, Washington Mutual Inc., may see life again after bankruptcy. “But how?” you ask. Its roughly $5.6 billion in tax refunds, currently stands as its largest asset—which is, thanks to a recently approved agreement, shared amongst JP Morgan Chase & Co., the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and WaMu itself. […]