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what is business law Even the most well organized and carefully run businesses can encounter legal troubles from time to time. The most common, and potentially damaging, legal issue businesses face is civil or business litigation. If not properly controlled and managed, legal action can cause a serious disruption to the finances and operations of a company, and in some severe cases, can even lead to the business having to shut down. As an individual, a legal matter left uncontrolled can be even worse, potentially affecting career and assets.

However, there is hope. A skilled, experienced Irvine attorney can give you the best opportunity to avoid negative consequences caused by your business dispute. A premier legal defense can be affordable. Our objective is to manage and control the case from the beginning so it has a minimal impact on your business operations and cash flow.

Don’t let legal issues disrupt or damage your business. At McFarlin LLP, premier legal services are affordable, call us at (888) 728-0044 to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced litigators. With the aid of our Orange County business litigation lawyers, you can have the protection you need to preserve your rights and well-being.

Disputes Which Can Lead to Legal Action?

Business contract disputes are the most common cause of civil litigation in California, however many other areas of law can also lead to disagreements and litigation including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Unfair business practices
  • Collections
  • Failure to pay for services
  • Wrongful termination/harassment
  • Fraud
  • Real estate litigation
  • Copyright/trademark infringement
  • Trade secrets
  • Product liability
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Banking Law and lender liability
  • Intellectual property
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Employment agreements

If you find yourself involved in any type of business dispute, such as those listed above, you need legal representation at the earliest stage possible. The skilled and experienced lawyers at McFarlin LLP can handle all aspects of your business dispute from the preliminary stages through litigation and trial if necessary in an efficient and affordable manner to protect your business interests.

What Can an Orange County Lawyer Do For You?

Any business dispute should be taken seriously; our typical objective is to resolve the matter in the most efficient yet favorable manner possible for our client. Much of what we do is counseling our clients on strategic and affordable courses of action. Sometimes settling a matter at an early stage is advantageous when the client has exposure, other times there is no substitute for aggressive litigation to fully vindicate the clients strong claims.

At McFarlin LLP, we pride ourselves at being skilled negotiators and aggressive advocates. We resolve disputes efficiently and effectively through tough negotiations, mediation, aggressive discovery and pre-trial motion work and, of course, at trial when necessary. Every situation is different, our legal team will craft a unique and affordable plan of action that is right for you.

The Skilled Representation of an Orange County Litigation Attorney

Whether you are anticipating legal issues down the road, have just been sued, or are in the midst of litigation, do not wait to contact the Irvine business litigation attorneys at McFarlin LLP. Call us today at (888) 728-0044 to set up your free consultation with one of our premier litigators and discuss your legal options.

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