Edward Pinto: The Government's Loan Modification Numbers Are A Total Sham

HAMP is rapidly becoming: I will pretend to modify your loan if you pretend that you will make the payments.

Debt-Securitization Markets

After losing so much on packages of subprime mortgages that were basically destined to default, investors have lost trust in securitization. Because of this our government has spent over $1 trillion trying to save the markets, and many of these markets are basically only operating because the government is holding them up.

What Is The Best Alternative For Your Specific Debt Situation?

People that have a good FICO score but at the same time they are in a lot of debt and they are making only the minimum payment on all of their bills, debt consolidation would be the best option. Debt consolidation would be the best option because it will help them to get lower monthly payments so they can keep up and will not ruin their credit score. They will also be able to get themselves out of the debt faster.

What Makes Up Your FICO Score?

These percentages are based on the importance of the five categories of the general population. For particular groups of people, the relative importance of these categories may be different (for example, someone who has not been using credit for that long).

Is Driving Under the Influence a Felony?

The most commonly charged crime in California is driving under the influence (DUI). As the crackdown on drunk driving continues; prosecutors, legislators, and the California courts are increasingly looking toward the expansion of enforcement and the Los Angeles driver’s criminal and civil liability.

$8,000 Tax Credit for Home Buyers Nearing Expiration

As of the end of November any potential first time home buyers may lose a one time $8,000 tax credit. This is not a tax deduction it is an actual dollar for dollar tax credit, you get to keep 100% of it.

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