Home Affordable Modification Program – Temporary Review Period for Active Trial Modifications Scheduled to Expire on or before January 31, 2010

Servicers may not cancel an active HAMP trial modification during this period for any reason other than failure to meet the HAMP property eligibility requirements

Aviod Foreclosure, It Is A Lose-Lose Situation

It seems a little unfair to the homeowner considering how difficult a foreclosure can be for a homeowner and all of the stress that it brings about, but anyone facing foreclosure should always take tax consequences into account. If a debtor has bad debt and the creditor agrees to accept the loan collateral in satisfaction […]

U.S. Mortgage Delinquencies Reach New High in November

Among U.S. homeowners with mortgages, 7.91 percent were at least 30 days late on payments in November

Newest credit card trick? 79.9 percent interest

The bloated APR is how First Premier Bank, a subprime credit card issuer, is skirting new regulations intended to curb abusive practices in the industry. It’s a strategy other subprime card issuers could start adopting to get around the new rules.

Citigroup Suspends Foreclosures for 30 Days

Borrowers who make payments to Citi but whose loans are owned by other investors are out of luck

Congress rejects measure to help struggling families amid shower of special interest money

Good people caught in this economic downturn are losing their homes because of campaign contributions

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