Bankruptcy Basics

The word bankruptcy has several negative connotations attached to it. Many people are afraid of the word because they have the idea that it is associated with losing everything they have worked so hard to gain. In reality, a bankruptcy is a form of consumer protection law designed to allow the cancellation or lowering of […]

Guide to Loan Modification Success

A guide to loan modification success can be a good motivational tool to keep from losing faith when waiting for your lender. Being told that your application for a loan modification has been approved is a great feeling of success and relief.  After months of waiting and wondering, a loan modification success can be a […]

Avvo: Misleading consumers and lawyers alike

Avvo ranked U.S. Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Samuel A. Alito Jr. with a 6.5, the same rating as a lawyer who is serving a prison term for conspiracy

Special Offers And Incentives For Homebuyers To Keep In Mind

One important offer for homebuyers to not forget about is the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit. The extension for this special offer to first-time homebuyers was approved which means that homebuyers can still take advantage of this program through April 30, 2010 (they must enter into a biding contract to buy by this date). There is […]

Major Escalation In Mortgage Modifications Expected But Will It Be Enough?

With 3.5 million foreclosures threatened for 2010, the Home Affordable Modification Program – hamstrung by bureaucratic hurdles – is effectively serving only a fraction of eligible homeowners. Despite some success in trial modifications, with no real bank incentive provisions and continued economic hardships including mounting job losses, the program will face an uphill battle to […]

Foreclosure Expert: The Worst is Yet to Come – Foreclosure filings reach nearly 3 million in 2009, record high

Gardner has a simple message for consumers: The worst is yet to come

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