Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets

As Orange County business litigation attorneys, we fully understand that guarding trade secrets is vital to companies that create unique products and services. Deciding who has access to important information and what reasonable steps should be taken to protect trade secrets can prove challenging. When information is leaked and a competitor uses an undisclosed secret, […]

Understanding Contractor and Building Litigation

Under the California Right to Repair Act, homeowners have the right to hold builders and contractors accountable for failing to meet certain standards. Contractors and builders can be held accountable for a variety of problems, including water intrusion, structural issues, lack of fire protection, mistakes made with plumbing, faulty electrical systems, and other areas that […]

3 Best Gourmet Burgers in Orange County

In the burger world, there are three schools. First, you’ve got the high-sodium, cheap fast food fare: McDonald’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., and so on. Though low on the culinary totem pole, they have their place. Some days, you just want to go to a drive thru and call it a night. Next, you’ve got […]

Understanding Mortgage Disputes and Deed of Trust Litigation

All homeowners need to know the difference between a mortgage and a deed of trust. They are related, but their differences will become apparent if you are ever involved in a mortgage dispute. A mortgage is essentially the promise from the homeowner to pay money used to buy a home to the lender or mortgage […]

Foreclosure Rates in Southern California Drop Dramatically

When a homeowner begins to fall behind on payments, the lender may foreclose on the property to receive payment for their investment. Foreclosures rose significantly during the housing market crash of 2008. Since then, the housing market in Orange County has steadily improved and the number of foreclosures has decreased. According to a news report […]

The Difficulties of Mortgage Litigation

There are few experiences as stressful and life altering as having your home taken away. If you are one of the many Orange County families who are at risk of losing their home, it is important that you learn about your legal options. It is possible that you simply fell behind on payments and that […]

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