How Does Credit Bureau Reporting for Short Sales Work

For those having trouble making their mortgage payments, a short sale is an attractive option.  A short sale allows homeowners a chance to sell their home for less than the amount owed to their lender with some or all of the remaining debt being forgiven. A short sale can very often be a financially sound […]

The Best Way to Get Out of Credit Card Debt

Perhaps the best way to get out of credit card debt is to never get into credit card debt, but that advice helps few who are reading this article.  For those who are already in debt, the answer may not be as clear as desired.  The best way to get out of credit card debt […]

What Happens when a House Goes Into Foreclosure

To understand what happens when a house goes into foreclosure, it is good to have a background on what would cause a lender to foreclose in the first place.  Generally, foreclosure is a mortgage lender’s remedy when a borrower is not paying the mortgage.  This can be caused by many different reasons including loss of […]

What are the Ramifications of Foreclosure

As a Real Estate and Foreclosure attorney, many homeowners ask me, what are the ramifications of foreclosure? These are typically clients who either owe much more on their property than it’s worth, or are in a property that has simply become unaffordable due to a mortgage rate adjustment or interest only term reset. They have […]

Can I File for Bankruptcy for Free

Many people wonder if they would be able to file for bankruptcy for free or without paying the court filing fee. The answer is probably not, but sometimes. In order to file a bankruptcy case, a person must pay the court filing fee of $299 (for chapter 7). This fee goes to pay for court […]

Using Credit Cards to Pay the Mortgage–Not a Good Idea

Some homeowners might think that charging a few monthly mortgage payments to their unsecured credit cards would be a good way to keep a grip on their finances, but this tactic can have a nasty way of coming back to haunt the homeowner. Credit card interest rates are notoriously high and can increase very rapidly. […]

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